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Shifting Sands: Gulf Countries, BRICS, And The New World Order

Discusses economic growth, development patterns, and policies of the BRICS+ consortium. Explores potential challenges and opportunities in global trade and investment relations. Highlights evolving trade patterns and investment flows among member countries. Examines innovation ecosystems, intellectual property rights, and collaborative potential within the consortium. Acknowledges the historical significance and relevance of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Intersecting interests between the BRICS+ consortium and the GCC are explored. Analyses geopolitical shifts, potential role in reshaping the global political landscape, and regional stability and security. A Must Read for Policymakers, educators, researchers, innovators, journalists, experts in relevant fields and students.

Breaking The Veil – Unmasking Stigma Against Islam In The West

This is a profound exploration of the pervasive and damaging stereotypes, discrimination, and devaluation faced by Muslims in Western societies. In this compelling book, the author delves into the complex layers of prejudice and bias that have contributed to the marginalisation of Islamic communities. With meticulous research and thought-provoking analysis, Breaking the Veil exposes the insidious ways in which Islamophobia has permeated societal structures and shaped public discourse. Through powerful personal accounts and insightful commentary, this book sheds light on the far-reaching impact of stigma against Islam, urging readers to confront their own preconceptions and challenge prevailing narratives. With urgency and compassion, Breaking the Veil advocates for a more inclusive and equitable society where everyone is valued and respected regardless of faith. This essential work is a rallying cry for justice and understanding in an increasingly divided world.

Defying Empire: The Untold Story of Indochina’s Fight For Independence

“Defying Empire” delves into the compelling and often overlooked struggle for freedom in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Through meticulous research and powerful storytelling, this book offers a comprehensive account of the interconnected movements that fought against colonial rule in Indochina. From the early resistance to French colonisation to the tumultuous years of war and eventual independence, this narrative sheds light on the complex dynamics of nationalist movements and their enduring impact on Southeast Asia. With a keen focus on historical accuracy and insightful analysis, Defying Empire presents a nuanced portrayal of the individuals and events that shaped the region’s path to sovereignty. This authoritative work is an essential read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the intertwined histories of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia

“Angry Africa” Research Study By Dr HICHEM KAROUI

Unveiling a Modern Phenomenon: The Rising Support for Military Coups in Africa Welcome to the “Angry Africa” research study, where Dr HICHEM KAROUI dives deep into Africa’s complex world of military coups. Discover the surprising contemporary phenomenon of citizens in select African countries demonstrating endorsement for military seizures of power. Join us as we critically analyse the factors contributing to this growing trend and uncover the underlying causes for the increasing hostility towards France within these political upheavals. A Groundbreaking Exploration into Africa’s Political Unrest Are you curious to understand the intricacies of Africa’s political landscape? Dr HICHEM KAROUI’s “Angry Africa” research study offers a unique perspective on the rising tide of military coups across the continent. Delve into the depths of historical context, social dynamics, and geopolitical influences to comprehensively understand the current political unrest. Prepare to challenge your preconceptions and embrace a new viewpoint on Africa’s evolving political scenario. Unmasking the Factors Behind the Endorsement for Military Seizures of Power At “Angry Africa,” we leave no stone unturned in our quest to uncover the underlying factors behind the growing support for military coups in select African countries. Dr HICHEM KAROUI’s meticulous analysis dissects social, economic, and cultural factors, shedding light on the complex motivations driving citizens to embrace military seizures of power. Explore our research findings and discuss this pressing issue shaping African nations today.

Strait of Tensions: The Geopolitical Turmoil of Bab el-Mandeb

Authored by the esteemed French Think Tank's GEW Reports & Analyses Team, delves into the complex geopolitical dynamics surrounding the strategic Bab el-Mandeb Strait. The Bab el-Mandeb Strait, a crucial maritime chokepoint connecting the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden, has been a focal point of geopolitical tensions and strategic interests. With insightful analysis and comprehensive research, this new volume in the collection "Geopolitics" published by London-Based Global East-West, sheds light on the various political, economic, and security challenges facing this vital waterway. Strait of Tensions offers readers a deep understanding of the intricate power dynamics at play in one of the world's most critical maritime passages. This publication is a must-read for scholars, policymakers, and anyone interested in global affairs.

Gulf Ideological Dynamics: Exploring the Quest for Unity and Discord

The Gulf ideological system is a set of interconnected beliefs and principles governing the region's political, economic, social, and cultural spheres. It combines various ideologies, including religious, nationalist, tribal, and pan-Islamic ideologies. The political dimension of the Gulf ideological system is diverse, with monarchies exhibiting varying degrees of ideological alignment. Political ideologies in the Gulf are influenced by Islamic principles, national interests, and geopolitical considerations. Economics plays a significant role in shaping Gulf ideologies. The region's wealth, derived from oil and gas reserves, has driven rapid economic development and created distinct economic ideologies within the Gulf. This book delves into the intricate interplay of political, economic, social, and cultural factors shaping the Gulf region. Authored by the GEW Reports & Analyses Team under the astute direction of Dr. Hichem Karoui, this scholarly work offers a comprehensive examination of the complexities defining Gulf societies. Through meticulous research and analysis, it unravels the tensions and harmonies that characterize the pursuit of unity amidst discord in this dynamic region. From geopolitical rivalries to socio-cultural transformations, this book provides invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of the Gulf, shedding light on the forces driving ideological dynamics. A must-read for scholars, policymakers, and anyone seeking a nuanced understanding of the Gulf's complex sociopolitical fabric.

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